Sunday, September 24, 2006

Linda's Birthday Celebration!

So "mom's" birthday was today, Saturday, September 23. Rieko spent all day and 25 dollars in ingredients trying to bake cake for my mom's birthday party dinner. BUT, our old, horrible oven just burned it and left the insides liquid! Soooo, we bought a cake from the super market!

My dad barbequed steak and shrimp, made salad, potatoes and Eton made balsamic oil dressing. We enjoyed a rare dinner together with my brother Eton, his wife Jane, my parents, and Rieko and I. Dinner was oishi, and my dad made WAY too much food as usual.

After dinner my mom surprised us and wanted to go BOWLING!!! So we drove to the local bowling alley, where my brother and I spent many days after school as teenagers, and played 2 games of screaming and "high 5's".

Rieko's hopes of winning were crushed! (I won both games) She is so competitive!



食後にイートンがいれてくれたコーヒを飲みながらケーキを食べていると、突然デビンのお母さんがみんなでボーリングに行こうと提案。そこでデビンとイートンが子供の時によく行っていたボーリング場に行ってきました。みんなで2ゲームをプレー。デビンとイートンはストライクをバンバンきめてました。意外とお母さんも上手でした。私は••• スコア99と94でした。なんともお粗末。ストライクもスペアも1ゲームに1回ずつだけでした。デビンは私に勝って上機嫌。私の事を負けん気が強いっと思ってるようです。ちなみにピンポンはいい勝負です。

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Second Wedding Anniversary @ Wilson

Believe it or not, it has been 2 years since we got married! We celebrated making past most celebrities length of marriage by going to an amazing new restaurant in Culver City called "Wilson" named after its chief.

My camera broke and when I took pictures of the food they came out pink! But I did manage to get a nice image of the restaurant from across the street and a picture of Rieko holding a dozen rose I surprised her with.

She got in the car and said "It smells like fresh herbs!", not realizing there was flowers in the backseat. Seeing her scream with surprise when she saw them about 20minutes into the drive to the restaurant was the highlight of the night for me.

The food was great; we had the chief’s sampler 6-course meal that we shared. We had fresh tomatoes w/goat cheese, seared scallops w/wasbi mash potatoes, a unique pasta with nuts that rieko was crazy about, and a slow roasted pork entree. YUM! It was a great night except for my camera malfunctioning.





"The Green House Effect" @ Whittier College

Rieko & I at Whittier College in a show I curated "The Green House Effect" with artists, Gwen Pool, Justin Dahlberg and myself, we had a great time at the reception. After a year of hardwork in the studio, it was nice to see the result on the walls of a gallery. I had on exhibit my two newest paintings which are in on the far walls.


more pics from "The Green House Effect"

-Close up of Gwen Pool's Sculpture
-Installation Shot of the Gallery
-Justin Dahlberg's drawing w/white pencil on brown paper. I'm excited to get this one back after the show and hang it on my wall! I traded a painting for it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jichan's 90th Birthday

We recently celebrated Jichan Tsuno's 90th Birthday with his favorite meal at Chinese Buffet. It was the first time in along time my father's side of the family was together and it was very nice. We ate lots of crab, hawaiian cake and sat around listening to Grandpa tell stories about the things he enjoyed during his long life. It was wonderful to see how much fun he had and how he lived everyday to the fullest.

My grandfather was many things in his life, a third degree black belt in kendo, an expert and champion pistol target shooter, a craftsman of Buddhist Temples, a photographer, a fruit grapher, a motorcycle rider, a jeep and volkswagon enthusiest, a fisherman and a hunter. He is definatly a fanatic and thrill seeker, he is still all these things but most of all he is Grandpa. He told me at his birthday party to do everything to the highest level, once you start something don't stop until you achieve the highest level.

I credit him with restoring our family after the WWII internment camps. He helped rebuild our family in its lowest of times with hardwork and creativity.

Today he enjoys detailing his 4x4 SUV that he still drives, taking care of his garden, going to Las Vegas and spending time with his family.