Thursday, February 01, 2007


Rieko and I are a fan of Bravo TV's cooking competition, "TOP CHEF". I've come along way from frozen "Marie Calanders Frozen TV Dinners". I made this King Crab, olive oil, garlic, green onions, shrimp & fresh basil pasta for dinner. I was proud to say the least! YUM! No wonder I've gained alittle weight since getting married!


Devon's New Teaching Toy! Dad, Mom & Ben suprised me with the new Macbook Intel Duo Core notebook for my birthday & Christmas. I was suprised to say the least!

This little computer is AWESOME! It is lightning fast, has a remote control, webcam, and is very light. It has already been a great help in my classroom giving powerpoint lectures and being more organized in the classroom. Rieko and I don't have to fight over who gets to use the computer, just who gets to use the laptop!

Rieko's ?? B-Day

Riekos ??? B-Day was a night of fine dinning at LA's premier cheese, wine and tapas spot, "AOC". The meal was great, we had 3 cheese sampler, chorizo slices, fried oysters (the best I've ever had), seabass and poached red wine pear w/marscapone cheese tart.......WOW, what a meal.