Saturday, November 25, 2006

Double Turkey

Rieko calls Thanksgiving "Double Turkey" because for us it means turkey for lunch at the Shima Family Thanksgiving and turkey for dinner at the Tsuno Family Thanksgiving Party. This year was no different. We had a great time with the Shima family at Sherman and Sallie's house. The food was amazing and ranged from a Prime Rib made by John (Erin's Husband and Chief) to yummy mash potatos made by my brother Eton. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I was especially impressed by my Auntie Sallie's "real looking" plastic plates and utensils! They really fooled me!


今年はそんな私に救いの手が•••  いとこのエレンの旦那さんのジョンが今年からサンクスギビングパーティーに仲間入り。ローストビーフを持ってきてくれました。んーーおいしーー。彼の特技はソース作りなだけにソースも超ウマでした。サンクスギビングはどの家庭でもほぼ同じメニュー。七面鳥、マッシュポテト、スィートポテト、インゲンなどのベジタブル、クランベリーソース、クランベリーゼリー、スタッフィン。デザートはパンプキンパイ、アップルパイなど。

Thanks giving is traditionally pot luck so Rieko decided to bring her expert taste for japanese sweet cakes to the table. Here is a picture of the great chocolate cake she brought along side the traditional pumpkin pies.


Rieko had a nice time talking about my Bachan's recent trip to Okinawa. My Bachan walked over 2 miles as a representative from California in the annual Okinawa "Welcome Home" Parade where every 5 years Okinawans from all over the world migrate back to their homeland. She talked about how she enjoyed it so much and how fun it was waving to everyone and was even on the local news on tv.

In the Tsuno Family Thanksgiving Party we have a very long history of playing Poker on this day. I remember sitting on my father's lap at the age of 3 or 4 watching my father play with my great aunts and great uncles who are all now in their 80's and 90's. As I grew older I started playing on my own at the age of maybe 10 or 12. And today the game usually consists of my Uncle Wayne (dad's sister's husband), his two grandsons P.J. and Allen, their step-father Pat and usually myself and my younger brother eton. I miss playing with my great uncles and aunts. It was basically the only time we had together once a year, but the tradition lives on and this year I borrowed $5 from Rieko and turned it into $15. Good thing I won!


In the US we call it "Turkey Coma" when we eat SO much Turkey on thanksgiving all we want to do is fall asleep. And that is exactly what I did. I fell asleep when we came home and slept for over 10hrs!!! I woke up with a very bad headache but I guess all the good food was worth it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Gate of India

On Saturday my parents came over so I could help them start building a website for Back Door Boba. We didn't finish, but got a good start on it. Rieko came home from hanging out with Yumiko around 5pm so we decided to go out and eat with my parents. It took almost 30minutes to decide where to go, but I finally said INDIAN FOOD!

My mom hadn't ever tried Indian food before so we drove to Hollywood to an "Gate of India" that was highly recommended on the internet. Everyone seemed to like the food and it was relatively inexpensive. We should definatley go and try it if you want when you visit from Japan. Everything tastes like curry!


On Monday RIeko and I visited my cousin Erin's new store. It is called "Beadology" and specializes in selling crystals, beads, and other materials to make handmade jewelery. Her store is located in Huntington Beach about 30minutes from Los Angeles. Here are some pictures of her new store in progress.

Rieko fell in love with this "bead ring" and Erin said she would make her one as a gift! Lucky her.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Digital Camera = New Blogs

My digital camera broke! So I haven't been able to update the blog. SORRY! After almost two months of not having a digital camera, I finally saved up enough money to buy the camera of my dreams! It is the new Canon G7. It is the perfect camera for taking high quality images for my art and small enough I can take it fishing and to family events. It is 10 mega pixels & features full manual settings, 6x zoom and image stabilization! I am having fun with it already. Here are some pictures I took in "Manual" Mode.

It has been a busy month. Rieko applied for nursing school and I have been teaching, making art and building my new website I am excited about how it is coming together and it is about 75% done. Also, my studiomate has moved out, and my space is getting smaller but more private. I don't like change and was very worried, but today construction began on the new wall dividing my studio in half and I feel alot better about it and almost excited about my "new" studio. There are images of this on my website under "news"

Look for more updates soon!