Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Digital Camera = New Blogs

My digital camera broke! So I haven't been able to update the blog. SORRY! After almost two months of not having a digital camera, I finally saved up enough money to buy the camera of my dreams! It is the new Canon G7. It is the perfect camera for taking high quality images for my art and small enough I can take it fishing and to family events. It is 10 mega pixels & features full manual settings, 6x zoom and image stabilization! I am having fun with it already. Here are some pictures I took in "Manual" Mode.

It has been a busy month. Rieko applied for nursing school and I have been teaching, making art and building my new website I am excited about how it is coming together and it is about 75% done. Also, my studiomate has moved out, and my space is getting smaller but more private. I don't like change and was very worried, but today construction began on the new wall dividing my studio in half and I feel alot better about it and almost excited about my "new" studio. There are images of this on my website under "news"

Look for more updates soon!



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