Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October in Mammoth

There has only been one year in my life that I have not been able to go up to Mammoth and I did not want this Fall to be the second. So we loaded up the Jeep for its first voyage to the Eastern High Sierras and took off for a short weekend trip. Rieko's friends Miki, and Mikako as well as my best friend Ben joined us for the short vacation.

In just 2 short days we were able to drive up Tioga Pass to Saddle Bag Lakes, canoe and float tube Convict Lake, and go on an off road treasure hunt for secret hot spring tubs "in the middle of no where" in the Upper Owens Valley. It was certainly an adventure that was well needed to escape our busy lives in the city.

That is us in the canoe and float tube alone out in the middle of the lake!

Fishing was just "OK" but Rieko still managed to catch and hook more fish on her own then ever! I think she has fallen in love with float tubing because when I asked her if she wanted to quit because of the wind she said "No, I am trying to go to THAT SPOT, it looks like it has fish!" What a proud moment for me! YES that is Rieko float tubing in the middle of Convict Lake in the picture below!

It was VERY COLD! But the changing seasons brought vivid colors of gold and red that looked almost unreal. When you work hard, playing hard is even sweeter! Can't wait for this Winter!!!!