Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oysters at Morro Bay

Rieko and I walked out on the Port of San Luis Pier to find they sell fresh live oysters, abalone, and LIVE fish and crabs. So we decided to buy some oysters to BBQ for lunch at the Morro Rock in Morro Bay. Here are some pictures of me picking some out, then grilling them infront of Moro Rock and Rieko enjoying a freshly bbqed oyster. YUM.



If you have a Jeep you have to drive it on the sand. After a month of working 60 hours a week, curating 3 art shows and summer school, Rieko and I decided to go on a "Weekend Getaway" to Pismo Beach. We arrived on Friday and camped two nights at the Pismo Beach State Campground. It was 3 days of eatting oysters, bbqing with my new weber grill, and driving off road in my jeep.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Rie Rie Loves Japan Video TV

Rieko loves Japan TV Comedy Videos! After she watches it for more than 2hrs a day I say Daijobu????



Devon's New BBQ

After 2 years of wanting to buy the Weber Q BBQ at Sport Chalet, I finally bought it with my first big pay check from teaching! The first thing to hit the grill was a fresh Mahi Mahi caught by a friend. The best part is the Large CAST IRON GRILL and electric starter. It cooks even and folds up so we can take it camping! OISHI!



On a night fishing adventure, we went out to find new fishing spots in Malibu on a low tide. We found rocks that you can walk out on only at low tide that had lots of different fish. Including Calico Bass, Rock Bass, Cabazon, and sharks.

Monday, August 14, 2006 is Devon's gallery "Concrete Walls@Backdoor Boba" 's website. If you go to CONCRETE BLOG you can see Devon's BLog about the L.A. art scene and artists who have shown their art work at Concrete Walls.


wedding Pics


wedding Pics

Aragna & Rieko


Wedding Pics

Devon & Rie at Wedding!

Ryan & Nicola's Wedding!